Building up and establishing the series „Interdisciplinary North Eastern and Eastern Europe Studies“

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Building up and Establishing the series „Interdisciplinary North Eastern and Eastern Europe Studies“

The series is to comprise both interdisciplinary and subject-specific works.

Prof. Lothar Maier at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster has been designated as editor. Further editors are welcome to extend the series conceptually.

With the intention of establishing and building up the series, contacts are made with further professors in Münster and other universities, with university and extrauniversity institutions and associations and with foreign academics.

The series is open to all kinds of publications (theses, postdoctoral works, monographs, anthologies, congress volumes). These may be written in German or in other languages.

The make-up of the books in the series is to be uniform and thus easily recognizable. Single works may deviate from this scheme by arrangement with the editors of the series in order to cope with developments and extensions of the series.

Applications for grants for special projects will be supported.

First work appearing in this series: Prof. Sanita Osipova (ed.): Developing the Rule of Law in Latvia